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Wild Flower Anniversary Session

the wildflowers in lake elsinore were quite a sight this year. i wouldn't call it a super bloom because last year was a super bloom. so this year its just, a bloom or "spring time." nevertheless, i still got to see it and it was no disappointment. the flowers and overwhelming amount of orange and yellow are just incredible. it is truly a beauty. 
sadly though, everyone and their mother were there and have been there since the first picture on instagram showed up. as much as I like to enjoy these things, it also makes me sad because a lot of people are just there to grab the photo for the instagram post and likes. 
i freakin LOVE instagram. they are amazing and what have helped make my photography flourish and take flight. however, this world is definitely very focused on the amount of likes and comments one receives when posting a "trendy" photo. 
sorry for the rant - i'm done. enjoy this cute couple who just celebrated an anniversary <3 

Okay, I like you!