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Sunset Engagement in Coronado, California

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Sunset Engagement Session in Coronado Island, California of Sonny and Brianna. Ice cream at the Hotel Del Coronado were followed after the session. This is a prime example of what to do for an engagement session. Right from the bat, Sonny told me that he wanted their engagement session to BE THEM; represent them and who they are. Well, apparently ice cream is a significant item in their relationship!! You know this marriage is going to last because ice cream is a major playing card here. I LOVE IT. So when we were planning the engagement session, we discussed places to go for a beach session and possibly getting ice cream afterwards. Hotel Del Coronado!! Perfect! We can go do our photo session there and then get the amazing ice cream that Sundae's at the Del has to offer!! Seriously go if you haven't. You are missing out. 
The session went without any any problem at all... not that I had anticipated any. But what I'm saying is, that Sonny and Brianna's love just beamed through the camera and they were so effortless in the way that they loved on each other. Not shy at all and not afraid to be lovers in front of me. I love these two. We got some super creamy and tasty ice cream once the sun went down and it was a perfect way to end a photo session. I think I'm going to make this a thing from now on - included in all my packages. Should I? Would ya'll be on board with that? 

Okay, I like you!