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Snowy Joshua Tree Engagement Session - Brian + Vicky

Who knew that going to Joshua Tree National Park in December, meant there would be snow!! Well, we didn't know that when we scheduled this engagement shoot that there would snow in Joshua Tree National Park!! But what a sweet surprise! I don't know about you guys, but i love having the snow in my photos here. YES, don't get me wrong, we all froze our feet off, but having something different like SNOW in the middle of an amazingly gorgeous national park, was just super special and something you don't see everyday. 

Brian and Vicky booked me for their summer tiny wedding in NJ and i am so freakin stoked to be able to call them friends and capture more of their love in July. You can see their joy and love for one another here in these photos, so please - do yourself a favor and scroll down to see the sweet love of Brian and Vicky. 

Okay, I like you!