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Lake Mohawk Couples Session - Amelia + Raphael


No one can deny that a romantic waterfront stroll should be part of every couple's to-do list. The atmosphere is just so light that your feelings of love simply intensifies. It's like the butterflies in your stomach are having a party of their own. How cool is that!

My close friends Amelia and Raphael chose Sparta, New Jersey as the location for their session. It's a lovely place, especially the area around Lake Mohawk, where we took most of the photos.

Amelia and Raphael are very fun to work with. Raphael’s a DJ who also works for the wedding industry, and he’s just so comfortable with the camera that he basically shines. Amelia is this lovestruck and bubbly gal who perfectly fits with him. Look at the pictures, and I bet that you'll also go "awww" with the tender way they look at each other. I certainly did.

They also casually walked around a little shop and a restaurant, among other places. You know, they just really like their romantic strolls that it comes so naturally as if we're not taking pictures at all, and as if I'm just their lucky, happy witness.

Amelia and Raphael are certainly among the most beautiful couples to work with. They enjoy living in the moment - in their moment - deeply in love.

Okay, I like you!