Welcome to My Travel Page

I travel to keep my heart beating, so it is very much encouraged!

Mmkay guys, let's talk about traveling. I get asked all the time if I travel and I just want to clarify with y'all that I do! Why do I love it especially when it comes to capturing weddings and elopements?  

Here's why: 
- intimate weddings in another location are super special
- we get to experience other cultures
- the world is so big and beautiful
- destination weddings actually cost less than a traditionally sized wedding in your hometown

where have I been previously?

- all over the US of A
- thailand
- bali
- indonesia
- cambodia

- portugal 
- austria
- czech republic 
- mexico


scroll on down kids

below are a bunch of places with hearts on them. if you book me in one of those locations, i will apply a HUGE discount to your session. that is how important traveling is to me ;) 

p.s. no fine print.





My current travel list


May // Sedona, AZ 

July // NJ + NY + VT

August // Arizona

September // NJ + NY + Virginia

November // NJ + NY

Okay, I like you!