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so this is me

i am here to give you an experience, not just take photos of you

okay okay, so who am I? 
I'm a brunette, married, and a mum to a little boy named Luke. I'm super intrigued with personality tests and with that being said, I'm an INFP and number 9 on the enneagram. What the basically means is that in a nutshell I am peacemaker, care deeply, long to be wanted, and LOVE quality time with people. I definitely just listed my strong points there and so you'll have to google the rest of it to find out my weak points ;) :P 

All things that make me happy:

- dates with my hubs
- my family
- my LORD, Jesus
- traveling
- hiking
- wine
- harry potter
- the office
- love island

- zucchini bread
- cabins
- sunshine
- candles
- national parks
- matcha
- kiera knightly movies
- taking photos ;))

If we have any of the things in common from above, let me know!! I'm your new friend when you book me, so let's go buy plants together, or let's gab over the latest drama from the bachelor, or let's go on a hike! 

One of my most favorite parts of this job is meeting couples and seeing them together, so happy, so in love, so excited to do life together. So yeah, let's get a coffee, matcha, beer, glass of wine, or tea (heck i like it all) and talk!!  I'd love to meet you and hear your story and capture the love you have for your lover. 

I should lastly mention that I think if exclamation points aren't added onto the end of a sentence, then I read it in a very monotone voice. So that's why I end everything like this!!!!! :) :)

My approach & why me

So after looking all over instagram and comparing photographer after photographer, you ask yourself, why this girl? Right?

Okay first of all, I am not the photographer for everyone, and that's definitely okay!! We are all humans and don’t vibe or have the same desires as each other. I want you to book me for not only my style of work, my editing, but most importantly, for ME. I try to show up not only on here but on social media (especially Instagram) and really give you a true look into who I am. I'm about to come into your life and capture you and your love on a camera! You have to be comfortable with me, right?!! :) YES. 

Okay, so once you've decided you like me and you want me to be a part of your day or session, let me tell you a little about how I work. I am my best self and perform my best work when outdoors. Hands down. I love it so much; natural sunlight, the sky, the shadows, just everything that comes with being outside. So please elope and get married in a wide open field or on top of a mountain. If you do something like that, my heart starts racing just from excitement!! THAT is where I thrive and my soul is on fire. I love it when things are free and natural - so no rules really & that's how it should be. It's your wedding, so do away with tradition if that's not what you want to do. 

On the day of your elopement or wedding, I am the kind of photographer that wants to jump into your life and capture all those emotions, laughs, and tears throughout this day for you. More than anything, I want you and your significant other to be yourselves. Creating more than just your typical photo is what I'm all about. Let's get crazy on camera or let's not. If you guys like to make out in a bath tub, let's do it. If you guys would rather hike during your session, then let's do that! 

Furthermore, I. HAVE. GOT. YOU. Seriously though, I don’t want to just be a vendor that you check off on your to-do list. I am your friend when you book me. You need help with picking out your dress? Done. Cake tasting? Done :) Timeline difficulties? I’m there. You need a cup of coffee or a mimosa the morning of your wedding? Got it. ANYTHING you need, I’m there. Please, please don’t think I’m here for you to just be a vendor, do my photo-taking and get out. That’s not how I thrive, so if you’re picking up what I putting down, fill out that contact page!!  

Couples + Engagements

let's play together -- i want to be that third wheel that is capturing your sweet love as you enter into a new chapter of life together. packages start at $850. More time/locations available if desired.

Weddings n' things


start at $3000

Weddings vary in price but I structure my pricing in a very a la carte fashion because everyone has different needs! Average couple spends approximately $4000-6000 for their wedding. Please inquire to get a PDF of my detailed pricing guide.


start at $2000

An elopement typically happens during the week and for me, this will apply. Elopement pricing only applies to dates that fall on Monday-Friday. The ceremony doesn't include wedding traditions and has a limited guest list. Only applies for elopements with under 25 people.


start at $4000

Exactly what it sounds like: taking off to a desired destination and celebrating your new marriage. A cozy Colorado wintery wedding. A dreamy desert-y escape to Southern Utah. A modern and spicy rooftop dinner party in NYC. These would qualify ;)

A la carte

+ Additional hours / $500 per hour 
+ Second shooter / $600 
+ Engagement session / $600, starting 
+ Day after session / $700, starting 
+ Rehearsal dinner coverage / $500 per hour 
+ Album design / varies 


One Location - One person
Up to 1 Hour of Shooting
1-2 Outfit Changes
Online Download of 40+ Edited Photographs
Full Printing Rights

Okay, I like you!